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Shadow Guard

Welcome to the Shadow Guard! Shadow Guard is an evil guild based in the PvP world of Everquest 2 on the Venekor server. We are a guild based on mature roleplaying and skilled adventuring. If you seek skilled and friendly companions to adventure with, see our How to Join/Charter section for details on how to get to know us better and our Guild History section to learn where we came from.


EverQuest Next: Landmark - Next SG home?

Aeviel TKryth, Dec 14, 13 6:33 PM.
Game hopping seems to be the only thing we've been doing constantly as of late. Star Wars The Old Republic kept us busy for over a year, but was more of a distraction than home. I know we still have members playing on the Nagafen server of EQ2 and we're pleased you are still carrying the flame there.

Many of the officers have recently invested in the Trailblazer packs for the upcoming SOE MMORPG
EverQuest Next: Landmark. We're also very interested in the ongoing creation of EverQuest Next and are fairly active in the forums of the next installment of the EverQuest franchise. We're trying very hard to remind the developers that many of us are not just looking for another game, but a world to call our "home" for the next 5+ years, much as EQ1 and 2 were for us.
Meanwhile - Gharik/Discord, Phrancis and myself are playing on Antonia Bayle again while we pass the time waiting for our
Landmark Alpha access to begin. We're in the Landmark Trailblazer guild for now.

If you need to reach me for information or just to catch up, please do so at
Have the happiest of holidays, Shadow Guard, where ever you are and whatever game you're currently in.

High Priestess/Mistress of Swords

From Norrath to a galaxy far, far away?

Aeviel TKryth, Sep 30, 11 12:14 PM.
While Shadow Guard still maintains a presence in Norrath, we are looking to add our might to a new, yet familiar cause in Star Wars The Old Republic. has been rerouted to our SWTOR website in progress and we will, naturally, be playing for the Dark Side. Should any past or present Shadow Guard wish to join us, please apply to our guildportal site.

With Hate,

Aeviel T'Kryth,
High Priestess

Sentinel's Fate Head Start is Live!

Aeviel TKryth, Feb 16, 10 2:25 PM.


Sentinel’s Fate

  • EverQuest II’s sixth expansion, Sentinel’s Fate, is now live! Sentinel’s Fate introduces the fabled lands of Odus, filled with epic quests, magnificent dungeons and limitless content provide the ultimate MMO experience for new players and seasoned veterans alike. Sentinel's Fate presents the next chapter of the EverQuest II legacy which will be written by the passion of players and fueled by the hunger for adventure. Its features include:
    • Achieve your greatest potential with a level cap increase to 90
    • Discover two expansive new overland zones, The Sundered Frontier and Stone Brunt Highlands
    • Battle through 12 epic dungeon additions
    • Experience the legend of Odus through 400 new quests
    • Conquer five new Heritage Quests with valuable new loot
    • Equip over 2,000 new weapons and pieces of armor and items
    • Add all new alternate advancement abilities to your arsenal of powers
    • Defeat hundreds of new dangerous and cunning creatures

The Golden Path

  • Game Update 55 includes a massive number of focused content improvements, collectively known as the Golden Path. The Golden Path will provide a smooth and fun progression for new characters, starting right in the beginner zones, and continuing all the way up through level 80 to lead into the Sentinel's Fate expansion. Dozens of new quests have been added, the population of several zones has been streamlined and numerous item rewards have been created!
  • The Golden Path is organized, but not completely linear. It begins with the newbie quest progressions for several starting zones: Greater Faydark, Darklight Wood and Timorous Deep. It then flows through Butcherblock, including the newly re-leveled dungeon of Kaladim, and on into the Steamfont Mountains. From there, it branches into Sinking Sands, Everfrost and Lavastorm, followed by the Tenebrous Tangle, the Bonemire and the Barren Sky. At high levels it winds through the savage lands of Kunark, and ultimately leads to Odus.
  • The Golden Path includes a great deal of content, and there is even more to come! Enjoy!

nVidia 3D Vision

  • EverQuest II now proudly supports nVidia’s 3D Vision technology. A combination of high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software, 3D Vision automatically transforms hundreds of PC games into full stereoscopic 3D. In addition, view movies and digital photographs in eye popping 3D. For more information, follow this link:


  • The street address and zone name of the house in the broker listing will now longer be jumbled together.
  • The mitigation values for physical, elemental, noxious and arcane should now display properly when inspecting other players.
  • Transmuting now has a new, more subtle visual effect.
  • All instances of "roekilik" should now be correctly spelled as "roekillik".
  • The griffon tamer at Butcherblock dock will now offer travel assistances to both Timorous Deep and Darklight Wood. Sarnak griffon trainer, Erochi Ku’ervs, is taking a leave of absence and will no longer provide griffon ride to Timorous Deep from Butcherblock.
  • Fixed a bug where triggered effects that are modified by AA’s and items would not display the modified effect in green.
  • Tinkered swarm pets are no longer restricted on what level or difficulty of target they can attack.  In other words, you may now catapult cows at Anashti Sul if you wish.
  • You can no longer swap out items presented to you in consignment with your own items while crafting.
  • Ammo must now be more than 20 levels lower than the bow level before restricting the bow’s damage.
  • Fixed a crash bug when examining adorned items.


  • You can now purchase a Wizard Portal Hireling in all guildhall layouts! This hireling can be used to travel to any of the wizard spires across Norrath!
  • You can now purchase a Guild Standard Bearer in all guildhall layouts! This hireling will allow you to buy several different guild standards which you can place in instances to give a bonus to everyone in the zone!


  • The Flesh Bound Tome can now be turned into a proper book file that can be placed in a player’s house.  Once you complete the quest “The Fleshbound Tome Speaks Again”, examine the item to turn it into a book.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and inconsistencies on tradeskilled jewelry and shields.
  • The Illusionist epic weapon procs have been reduced to one trigger .
  • The Mystic epic “Spirit Tap” is now a 10 minute reuse.
  • The Ranger mythical effect that increases damage based on range has been replaced with a 20% damage increase at all ranges.
  • The Warden power proc now can trigger on any heal spell but can only trigger once per cast.
  • The "Ethereal Dark Beacon" is now removed when the quest "A Hatred Repressed" is completed.
  • The Ebon Mask "missing pages" can now be turned into a proper book file entitled “The Missing Pages of the Sword Heist Journal - Rebound” that can be placed in a player’s house.  Once you complete the quest “A Crusade to Faydwer", examine the item to turn it into a book.
  • "The Eye of Ree" is now removed when the quest "A Crusade to Faydwer" is completed.


  • City PVP merchant items with specific class restrictions have been modified to have the base stats benefit their wearers.
  • RoK and TSO PVP merchant items with specific class restrictions have been modified to have the base stats benefit their wearers. 
  • Trigger effects on several of the RoK and TSO accessories and weapons have been modified to be more in line with their intended values.


  • Tradeskill writs now also grant status rewards to exiles.
  • Sages now have recipes for level 80 user books.
  • Cloak recipes and spuncloth hex doll recipes should now work.  Quel’ule alchemist recipes now make 10 items at a time.
  • Tradeskilled jewelry and secondary item recipes are now present in jeweler recipe books.
  • Carpenter-crafted stained glass windows should now have improved collision and appearance.
  • Carpenters now have recipes to make paint pots (Kaisha rejoice)
  • Woodworker arrow recipes from the Hua Mein faction now require a dropped component instead of a rare wood.
  • The Far Seas taskmaster desk is once again located on the docks of Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest.
  • The Far Seas Supply faction merchant is now selling recipes for tradeskilled armor intended for battlegrounds use.
  • The speed of the Far Seas tradeskill mounts has increased.
  • The limited charges have been removed from the class-specific recipes sold by the Far Seas Supply faction merchant.
  • Tinkering recipes now produce a finished product at all quality levels.
  • Carpenters now have sales containers.  Stained glass windows scale slightly larger (Whilhelmina).  More paint pots (Cyliena).
  • Jeweler crafted resist jewelry now uses brellium. 
  • Transmuting component conversion recipes have been updated.


  • Icons next to the quest name now indicate quest difficulty and con color.
  • Checkboxes have been removed from each quest part since the window no longer displays completed parts.
  • Fixed examine information for spells and items with ward effects.
  • The class AA trees have been rearranged so they no longer scroll vertically.
  • Removed critical multiplier stat from spell examine windows and added it to the Crit Bonus tooltip in the Persona Window.
  • Some changes have been made to the quest helper based on player feedback:
    • Reduced font size of title.
    • Quest text should be more readable on light backgrounds.
    • Less flashing.
  • Quests now auto-pin themselves to the helper if there is space (This is an option you can turn off).
  • The filter dropdown box on the Persistent tab of the Zone Reuse window (Alt-Z) now filters zones by locked/unlocked status.


  • A new quest series is available on isle of desolation in Barren Sky.
  • Barren Sky is now a more solo friendly zone!


  • Many areas in Butcherblock are now tiered down to be more solo friendly.
  • A New pathway is now opened up in Butcherblock that is directly connected to Steamfont.
  • Several quest in the Butcherblock Mountains now reward faction with the Irontoe Brigade.
  • As the Spiroc Flies - You now must visit a sarnak named Researcher Kiman at the Butcherblock Docks to complete this quest. Upon completing this quest, as well as the quest, "Nautical Disaster", the player will then be given a new quest entitled, "Help in the Highlands". This quest will direct you from the docks to the Highlands Outpost.
  • Necessary Precautions - Guard Tellik has moved to the Butcherblock Docks
  • Necessary Precautions - Adjustments were made to Guard Tellik and Assistant Deldry's dialog.
  • Thieving Runts - Guard Daarwyn has moved to the Butcherblock Docks.
  • Thieving Runts - Grorowyn Writ NPC, Ankinil Zo'Ri, has been moved to the Highland Outpost.
  • Trail of Feathers - The trail of feathers has been shortened to reflect the new location of Researcher Bedrick.
  • Where Spirocs Dare - The locations of the totems collected during this quest have changed.
  • Birds of a Feather - Quest text has been updated to better explain where the player must travel.
  • Seeking Brulten Hiltstill - Quest text and dialog adjusted to reflect Brulten Hiltstill's new location at the Highlands Outpost.
  • Fishmonger Usharaz now sells level appropriate food and drink items.
  • Merchants have been added to the Highland Outposts.
  • Mender Horon Bronzethumb has moved to a more noticeable location inside Irontoe Outpost West.
  • Merchant, Tharn Boarbristle, has setup shop in Irontoe Outpost East.
  • The ghosts found haunting King's Rest have had their difficulty adjusted to reflect recent changes in population flow.
  • Added furnace and table for Mender Thark and Mender Bronzethumb.
  • Schmitty's Sandals - Adjusted the number of components needed to complete the quest.
  • Silent Beckon - Talyrae T'Zyth has moved from the caravan entrance near Great Faydark to the Highlands Outpost.
  • For the Dogs - This quest now gives better instructions on where bears can be found.
  • Teir'Dal Timber - Ninoin D'syl has moved to the Highland Outposts.
  • Teir'Dal Timber - Ninoin also now offers advice to on how player can increase there lumber harvesting skill.
  • Stock Components - Thayvl Ulthonis has moved to the Highland Outposts.
  • Stock Components - Thayvl now accepts dust from any type of essence found in the Butcherblock Mountains.
  • Feathers for Gherrana - Gherrana has moved to the Highland Outposts.
  • Feathers for Gherrana - Gherrana now accepts any type of Kragploom feather for her quest.
  • Feathers for Gherrana - Additional instructions have been added to the quest to make locating Kragploom aviaks easier.
  • Unusual Palate - Quest now updates every time after killing rustfiends.
  • The Kobold and the Beautiful - Brulten Hiltstill has relocated to the Highland Outposts.
  • The Yarpsnarls - Argro Durthor has relocated to the Highland Outposts.
  • The Number One Threat in Butcherblock - Trapper Coalbear has relocated to the Highland Outposts.
  • The Number One Threat in Butcherblock - Quest text has been altered to give a better description on where to find bears.
  • At Peace With the Past - Pacificator Merrek and the Great Galabo no longer require you to meditate as long as before. Quest dialog has been altered to reflect Merrek's relocation.
  • Ro's Flame - Civean Il'Pernod has relocated to the Highland Outposts.
  • For the Glory of Rallos! - Tychus Zeksworn has relocated to the Highland Outposts.
  • Dark Tides - Additional Tidesylph ritualists have found their way out of their underwater home!
  • Several city writs between the levels of 19 – 25 have been adjusted to reflect the recent changes made to the Butcherblock Mountains population.
  • The Kobold and the Beautiful - Quest has had its level increased to reflect recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • The Kobold and the Beautiful - Quest text has been altered to remind players where they can find Brulten.
  • The Kobold and the Beautiful - Number of mobs needed to complete this quest has been reduced.
  • Muckflick Message Intercepted! - Quest has had its level increased to reflect recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • Muckflick Message Intercepted! - Quest target has been adjusted to reflect the quest NPC's new location.
  • Muckflick Message Intercepted! - Quest text and dialog has been updated to reflect recent changes.
  • Seeking the Kilnkors! - Quest has had its level increased to reflect recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • Seeking the Kilnkors! - Quest text and dialog has been updated to reflect the quest NPC's new location.
  • Seeking the Kilnkors! - Jonedorn Kilnkor has moved to West Fort Irontoe.
  • Axing a Favor - Quest has had its level increased to reflect recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • Axing a Favor - Quest has been completely rewritten to reflect the recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • The Number One Threat in Butcherblock - Quest has had its level increased to reflect recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • The Number One Threat in Butcherblock - Quest rewards have been altered to reflect the increase in the quest level.
  • The Number One Threat in Butcherblock - New reward choice added to quest.
  • The Forest Strikes Back! - The quest has been altered to reflect the recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • The Forest Strikes Back! - Quest text and dialog has been altered.
  • Finding Gloln Kilnkor - Quest level adjusted has been adjusted.
  • Finding Gloln Kilnkor - Quest text altered.              
  • Ill Communication - Quest has been altered to reflect the recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • Ill Communication - Quest now directs players to Hamish Felderham's line if quests.
  • For the Dogs - Quest has been altered to reflect the recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • For the Dogs - Player will now need to kill terratrodders instead of bears for the quest.
  • A Mind of My Own - Quest now requires the player to feed the Yarpsnarls located at West Camp Yarpsnarl.
  • A Mind of My Own - Quest level has increased to match the surrounding population.
  • A Dim Light - Quest NPC, Geldrani A'Zhi'Tel, has moved to the Highland Outposts.
  • A Dim Light - Quest now directs players to West Camp Yarpsnarl.
  • Digging in the Yard - Patches of pure soil can now be found in and around West Camp Yarpsnarl.
  • A Strange Mix - Quest level has been increased to better reflect the difficulty of the quest.
  • The Yarpsnarls - Quest has been increased in difficulty to reflect the recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • The Yarpsnarls - Argro Durthor has relocated to the Highland Outposts.          
  • The Many Uses of Carapace - Quest has been increased in difficulty to reflect the recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • The Many Uses of Carapace - Quest now requires the player to harvest only granite beetles.
  • The Many Uses of Carapace - Granite beetles have moved to a more scenic location.
  • Irontoe Brigade Requisition Lists - Quest has been increased in difficulty to reflect the recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • Irontoe Brigade Requisition Lists - Quest text and dialog has been updated to reflect Argro's new location.
  • Delivery to Verung - Quest text and dialog has been updated to reflect Argro's new location.
  • Feeding the Irontoe Brigade - Highland crawlers have increased in difficulty to better reflect the recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • To the Docks at Once - A new quest has been added to the Greater Faydark caravan entrance in the Butcherblock Mountains. This quest directs player to Dockmaster Waulon at the Butcherblock Docks.
  • Further Fame and Fortune - A new quest has been added to direct players from Butcherblock to Steamfont.
  • Further Fame and Fortune - Player will need to be at least level 30 to attain this quest.
  • Silencing the Shriekers - Quest no longer requires the player to be on the quest, Ill Communication (leadarm_x1).
  • Sarnak Sympathizer: Part 2 - Quest have been lowered in level to bring it in line with its preceding quest.
  • Eneek is No Snack! - Eneek Rialb has moved to the Three-Road Outpost.
  • Eneek Needs a Snack - Quest has been decreased in difficulty to better match recent changes in Butcherblock's population.
  • Trozusk's Challenge - Trozusk Ripscar has moved to the Three-Road Oupost.
  • Trozusk's Challenge - Trozusk now gives better directions to where the Krulkiel may be found.
  • A New Challenger - Trozusk now give new directions to this quest as to reflect his new location.
  • Gorowyn: Yarpsnarl Reavers - Quest now requires the player to slay Yarpsnarl sappers.
  • Gorowyn: Yarpsnarl Cutthroats - Quest now requires the player to slay Slagslore ettins.
  • Order of Arcane: Sedimentary Colossi - Quest now requires the player to slay Yarpsnarl cutthroats.
  • House of Falling Stars: Yarpsnarl Reaver - Quest now requires the player to slay Yarpsnarl scamps.


  • Pass On the Satchel -You now must visit a dwarf named Dannard Cliffcarver to complete this quest.
  • Pass On the Satchel -Thadus Flintwrit's dialog has been adjusted.
  • Malyl N'Vazin now says, "for you are as sweet" instead of "for your are as sweet".


  • Lady Katri Eloranta now offers the quest “An Introduction to the Fae” to frogloks and halflings.
  • The quest “A Meal for Grum: I” now requires 6 spiders for quest completion.
  • The quest “A Meal for Grum: II” now requires 6 fae drakes for quest completion.
  • The quest “Part Time Help: I” now requires 10 wolves for quest completion.
  • The quest “Part Time Help: III” now requires 10 Trebuz bixies for quest completion. 
  • Randu K'Van has moved close to the Crushbone mount station.
  • Daruk Granite Nose Dobbson and Tuathil Laeds have moved their camp slightly to the north, much closer to the Crushbone mount station.


  • Kror Stormshield now describes the scorpikis as "foul smellin' foes", not "fowl smellin' foes".


  • Lava spirit mounts in Lavastorm can now transport you from Najena’s Valley directly to the Dragon’s Breath Tunnel station. 


  • Players can now access "Living Tombs" once again in Sinking Sands.


  • The quests "A Necromancer's Request", "A Wizard's Request", "Mouthing Off" and "Clockwork Despair" have had their level raised to more accurately reflect the level of difficulty.


  • A new griffon tamer has taken up residence at the Chrykori Village station. He offers a direct flight to the Gorowyn Docks.
  • The Gorowyn Dock and Chryokori Village griffon stations now connect to the other nearby towers as well.
  • Players level 9 and up can now start Standard Ku'Uul's quests in the Green Overlook without pre-requisites.

PvP Server Merge FAQ

Aeviel TKryth, Aug 12, 09 10:53 PM.

PvP Server Merge Information

On September 22nd, characters on the PvP server Venekor will be merged with Nagafen. This merger will continue plans to give our friends a better PvP experience. **Please note that the date is subject to change and is currently a projected date.

Such a change will create a number of related questions, so we have put together this list of things to know, and accompanying FAQ in the effort of answering as many of them up front as we can.


Server Merge: Venekor and Nagafen

  • Naming Conflicts
    • If, as a result of this server merge two or more characters have the same name, the conflict will be resolved as follows:
    • If one of the characters has not logged into the game in the last 60 days, their character name will be appended with an 'x' to make it unique.
    • If both characters have been logged into the game in the last 60 days, the character with the greatest amount of playtime will maintain their name.
    • Guilds with duplicate names will be resolved using guild creation date to determine which guild keeps their name and which guild has their name appended with an 'x.'
  • In Your Home
    • All items in your homes will be inherited by the home's owner during the merge. If you have alts or friends as trustees to your home, have them pick up their items before the merge begins.
    • If you have items in your friends' homes, be sure to reacquire them prior to the merge, or you will lose ownership during the merge process.
    • After the merge any vendor items in your house will need to be re-placed in your new homes.
    • You can use your house vault for storage. The items in your vault will maintain their association with your character.
  • As a Vendor
    • As noted above, your vendor house items will need to be placed again when you get to your new home.
    • Vendor Events (the logs of what was sold, to whom, when, etc.) will not transfer.
    • Until you sell something on your new server, your Total Coin Gain will read as 0. After you make a sale, it will display the sum of the total amounts of coin you gained on both servers.

Questions you may have :


Will there be free character transfers off (or on to) the PvP server?

Unfortunately at this time, transfers on or off the PvP server are still not permitted within our policies.

What will the server be named after the merge?

We are planning to leave the server name intact. It will still be Nagafen.

What happens if someone has the same name as me and I don't like how the default process renames my character?

Incoming characters with duplicate names should find an 'x' appended to their name to make it unique. If issues such as this affect your character after the merge, please use the /rename command to change your name. You will not need to buy a name change potion.

Will my guild merge intact?

If your guild has a leader, it will merge intact. However, guilds without leaders will NOT merge. If your guild does not have a leader, please submit a petition to have the situation rectified before the merge.

**Important Note:

Currently we are planning to NOT transfer any character that has not logged into the game for more than 18 months, is below level 10, and has less than one plat in its inventory. If you have characters on Venekor that you wish to have transfered, you must make sure that you have logged into the game recently.

Please keep this information in mind as you prepare for the merge.

Thank you for your patience while the merge was getting set up, we hope you enjoy your new home!


Game Update : Monument and Might

LairaSG, Jun 16, 09 12:44 PM.

Emperor’s Athenaeum

  • The Order of Rime has managed to re-open this ancient vault of Venril Sathir’s. What secrets lie within? What terrible guardians? Venture in with a single group of adventurers to find out what awaits!

Kunark Overland Quests

  • A mysterious army has appeared upon the shores of Kunark and begun pillaging the land and slaughtering those that oppose them.  Citizens of Dreg's Landing in Kylong Plains, Sathir's Span in Fens of Nathsar, the City of Jinisk in Kunzar Jungle and Danak's Upper Command Camp in Jarsath Wastes are looking for your help in learning about the invaders and defeating them.

Kurn’s Tower

  • After Najena’s magic revealed the void tear slowly consuming the tower, the Bellywhumpers have frantically dug a passage into Kurn’s Tower once again! Delve into your choice of the x2 raid or the single group instance, and attempt to solve the mysteries within!

Research Assistants

  • Research Assistants have moved into many cities in Norrath.  These hardworking men and women will do the research to upgrade a spell or combat art from journeyman to adept or from expert to master.  They will only assist one character per account at a time and only help those level 20 or higher.  Research Assistants can be found in each of the six hoods and villages of Freeport and Qeynos, Neriak, Haven, Gorowyn and Kelethin.  You can ask any guard in those areas to point you in the direction of a Research Assistant if you can’t find them. 

Shadow System

  • A new shadow system has been implemented for the game.  This new system uses your graphics card to build the shadows rather than your CPU and it comes with a few extras as well.  Using the shadow mapping technique and 3.0 Shaders we’re now able to cast softer shadows, fade shadows, and cast dynamic shadows from trees, plants, feathers, and more!  The new system fixes a few shadowing glitches found in certain armor sets and self-shadowing and depending on your computer’s settings may also significantly improve performance.

Spell Renaming

  • All spells have been renamed to have a consistent naming structure across all levels. New spells will now be differentiated by roman numerals.  So you will see Ice Comet, Ice Comet II, and so on in your spell book now.  All combat text will refer to the base name though.  In addition, the tier structure has changed to be more distinct.  Apprentice I – III are now renamed just Apprentice, Apprentice IV is now Journeyman, Adept I is now Adept, Adept III is now Expert, Master I is simply Master and Master II is now Grandmaster.

User Books

  • Players can now leave their permanent mark in the world of Norrath by authoring their own books. Empty books will be available from level 50+ sages.  Once you edit the content of an empty book you become the author and from that point forward you are the only one who can edit the book content.  Player-written books are tradable so you can give them to your friends or even sell them on the broker.  Find them on the broker by selecting “user books” under the advanced search options.

Voice Chat

  • Station Launcher will soon have a new release with voice capability. It will allow you to start voice chatting as any of your EQII characters before running the client or while patching. Going into game while voice chatting in Station Launcher will be seamless. If you're already chatting, the client will detect this. If you're voice chatting as a different character than you're playing, a new button will appear on the voice bar allowing you to switch (or you may switch in Station Launcher). Station Launcher will also keep voice chat active after the client closes.


  • All characters have been given an AA respec.
  • Indus Surion (the Qeynos librarian) should no longer sell “The Freeport’s Guide to Opportunity – 2nd Edition”.
  • Navarius Orvalis (the Freeport librarian) should no longer sell “Welcome to Qeynos, Citizen! – 2nd Edition”.
  • Class Trainers will now only sell Entertainment spells and not Apprentice II spells.
  • By popular demand, the Gigglegibber Gamblin’ Lotto game has expanded onto the Lavastorm docks (void where prohibited by Norrathian law).
  • After a disturbing number of Koada’Dal disappeared while speaking with him, Vindain Greenfaith has moved slightly away from the entrance to The Down Below in Castleview Hamlet.
  • Daily faction missions in Tupta, Grobb, and Firmroot Moot now award more faction.
  • Killing NPCs will now accumulate achievement experience faster.
  • Missions now grant slightly higher achievement experience.
  • Merchants who formerly made a living selling Apprentice II spells are experiencing an economic downturn and have either found new employment or departed the city to seek fortune elsewhere.
  • Menders based in Kunark will now assist you even though they may be apprehensive.  Brokers are also willing to deal with you once they consider you indifferently.  Fens of Nathsar now has a mender, banker, and fence.
  • Mounts will now persist through death.
  • Most Baubles that apply illusions will show the illusion in the dressing room when Ctrl+Left Clicked.
  • Beneficial spells will no longer fail to cast if you have an object such as a harvest node or non-attackable npc targeted.
  • Cosmetic pets will no longer be killed by AOE from monsters.
  • Castable items will no longer trigger proc spells.
  • Item based triggered effects can no longer critical or have their damage components modified unless done directly through something like an achievement or set bonus.
  • You can now cancel a maintained spell by using /cancel_maintained spell name.
  • Fixed a case where some triggered spells would cause reactive damage triggers to go off.
  • Power draining dots will no longer trigger reactive damage once applied.
  • The elusive Schizophylum Spore in upper and lower Guk instances can now be found!
  • Disabling combat experience will no longer convert combat experience to achievement experience.
  • Camping to an alt without shutting down the client will no longer cause the welcome screen to display.
  • Awnya N’Kval on the Lavastorm Docks now offers upgrades to some Ward of Elements items for a small fee.
  • Attribute modifiers like those on the ranger and templar epics should now update appropriately when the underlying attribute changes.
  • Health, power, and regen values have been modified on several mount buffs. The Djinn Master Carpet ward now refreshes much more frequently.
  • Combat animations have been tuned for when running side to side and away from your target while in combat.



  • Castable Achievement abilities have been moved to the Combat Art or Spells tab depending on the class and the ability type.


  • Poison Mastery has changed slightly since poisons no longer critical.


  • Heroic Storytelling will now apply properly to damage and heals.


  • Reduced the recast of Rebirth to 5 minutes.


  • Toxic Expertise will now improve the damage of poisons instead of increasing spell critical chance.


  • The Shadowknight will now be healed properly from Malevolent Protection.


  • Reanimate pet will properly apply TSO pet modifiers now.


  • You can no longer cancel Disable Smite Wrath.



  • Fighter avoidance buffs will once again persist through zoning.
  • Persistent spells should apply modification data properly upon zoning now.
  • Interpose effects will no longer trigger reactive procs while intercepting damage from another player.


  • The Death Mark line will now use melee effect modifiers instead of spell modifiers.


  • Spiritual Circle will once again apply to raid members.


  • Cacophany of Blades will now make a melee attack instead of using a spell attack.


  • Mesmerize spells will no longer trigger additional spells.


  • Some pet appearances have changed to match the new spell names.


  • The Inspired Daring line will now use melee effect modifiers instead of spell modifiers.


  • Improved auto follow to avoid having the follower sometimes run large circles around the character they are following.
  • Auto follow now works when following someone who starts climbing down a cliff.
  • Autofollow while climbing used to only go up or down, now it also goes left or right.


  • User now gets the message “GuildLeader has kicked YourAltName from the guild” if you are online and one of your alts is kicked (used to say “GuildLeader has kicked YOU from the guild”.)
  • Changed the guild hall teleport pop up window to reuse the existing window rather than spawn multiples of the existing window.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes causes a guild rally banner to deactivate before the two hour time limit.
  • Guilds are able to hire a research assistant hireling for their guild hall.
  • Fixed a bug causing level 79 guilds to only get 25 amenities instead of 29.
  • The guild hall amenity limit is no longer constrained by the size of the guild hall.  The number of amenities allowed is now only based on your guild’s level.


  • Upgraded the appearances on Aiden’s cloaks from Ward of Elements.
  • The Ground Granite Helm should now match the coloration of the rest of its set.
  • Adept and Master spell scrolls for Unyielding Will are no longer no-trade.
  • Bite of the Wolf will now trigger properly and apply to the warden.
  • The Desecrated Wristguards of Darkness will no longer prevent other ward procs from triggering.
  • The wounding effect on Precision Flightrift Leggings will now base its critical chance off of the player’s ranged crit chance.
  • The Hate’s Fate effect on the Cord of Innoruuk’s Favor now adds deflection chance in addition to shield effectiveness.


  • The front door of a player house now always leads back to the city.


  • Teleporters in Lavastorm can no longer be used while engaged in PvP combat.


  • Kunzar Jungle: Any players who have completed the quest "Slice Your Way Up the Ladder" will now be able to get "Do Unto Havik" regardless of the order in which they did the Swifttails quests.
  • Characters that feign death or run away from the grave watchers for “Gathering Feathers” can now return and try again.
  • Gerun Pontian in the Commonlands will now update "Speckled Rattler Venom" for non-Freeport aligned citizens.
  • Kregnok Legbreaker in the Commonlands is not quite as good at breaking legs anymore.
  • The Clefts of Rujark - Players that have already completed "The Key of Coins" quest no longer need "a fancy steel key" in their inventory to access the Rujark treasure chamber.
  • Citizens of Gorowyn should be able to complete the Qeynos Claymore quest now.


  • Magmatic Bronze armor from Najena’s Forge now requires fewer components to create.
  • Tailors across Norrath have been experimenting, and have discovered a way to improve the utility of crafted hex dolls.  Already existing pristine quality hex dolls will automatically improve.
  • Meledi Augren in the Village of Shin is looking for assistance from an experienced Sage.
  • Scholar recipes have been modified to reflect the spell naming changes.
  • Woodworkers and tailors have improved their recipes, and can now make improved versions of tradeskilled ranged weapons (bows, satchels, bandoliers, pouches, and sheaths).  Old ranged weapons that already exist will not be affected, only new ones created henceforth.
  • Carpenters may find it worthwhile to investigate -- or send their friends to investigate -- the Estate of Unrest a little more closely. 
  • Provisioners may find it worthwhile to investigate -- or send their friends to investigate -- the arena in Charasis West Wing. 
  • Harvests are now more plentiful in the tradeskill instance of the Palace of the Ancient One.
  • Sages are now able to craft the level 34 illusionist spell “Manatap”, formerly known as “Devitalizing Gaze”.
  • Alchemists among the Far Seas Supply Division have found new uses for Reflective Smoldering Shards, which will also be found more frequently in both KoS and TSO dungeons.
  • Wasps around Tupta are now building their nests in somewhat easier to reach locations.


  • Statistic labels on the persona window now display the same tooltip as their values.
  • Updated the heading on the compass tool tip to be in line with the direction the compass is pointing.
  • Updated the deposit window to take 8 digits rather than just 7.
  • Changed tool tips to auto widen if there are very long lines.
  • The friends list on the welcome screen will now ignore offline friends if that option is enabled on the community window.
  • Items that are appearance-only will now show APPEARANCE-ONLY in the examine window and on the tool tips of those items.
  • Fixed a bug causing hidden quests in players’ quest journal to become unhidden after zoning.
  • You can now specify the text format of your hotbars from the Hotkey Settings window.
  • You can now use the macro window to equip weapons in appearance slots.
  • You can now modify the key setting for toggling your point-of-view (F9) under Options->Controls->View Keys.
  • Fixed a bug when a player would complete the last quest in the journal there would still be information from the completed quest showing both in the details window and in the active quest window. 
  • Textboxes now support selecting all text by pressing CTRL-A.


  • Marcus Thex should be a little less reluctant to give up certain items.


  • “Efforts Repaid” has had the number of kills required reduced.
  • “Snuff the Flare Reapers” has had the number of kills required reduced and now all flare men count as quest targets.
  • “Colossal Lava Rocks” now includes hardened colossi as quest targets.
  • There is no longer a group of goblin ritualists that cause the Fiery Apparition to attempt to attack from across the zone.
  • There should no longer be any heroic encounters in the Temple of Sol Ro.
  • There should no longer be the occasional mob that can see invis in the Temple of Sol Ro.


  • The Stewardess should no longer occasionally reset.
  • The 3 reward chests no longer have an unintentional 1-hour time limit before they despawn.
  • The Primogens should be a little less reluctant to give up certain items.
  • The Primogens teleport less frequently.
  • The Curator has slightly fewer hitpoints.


  • The Void handlers with Pentaclypse and Ultaclypse now do slashing damage. 
  • The Nether cloud that Pentaclypse/Ultaclypse now cast on players debuffs only crushing mitigation, not slash/crush/pierce as before. 


  • T'Lon the Powermonger should be a little less reluctant to give up certain items. 


  • Najena should no longer occasionally be floating up above the tower after Aiden has been slain.
  • Dayakara summons her imp minions slightly less frequently.
  • Najena’s Ward of Elements lock out timer has been reduced from five days to three.


  • Ykesha’s Whirling Blades has had its mid and long range damage reduced and its mid and long range distances decreased. 
Guild Level
Shadow Guard is currently Guild Level 90!  Great work everyone!
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